Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Law 161: UPDATE: It's as Cold as... and more Wisconsin Poets' collage

Here on the Upper Chesapeake Bay, (think, B'more hon) we are setting record low temperatures as is most of the rest of the country. My facebook feed this morning was full of low temperature reports from friends in the midwest. Sadly we are shivering right along with them. Of course by the end of the week it will be in the mid 50s during the day. As my honey is fond of saying, there is way too much energy in the system, which accounts for all the extreme weather we are experiencing.

It is a good time to stay inside stay warm and make art. Which is exactly what we have been doing here on Tesla's Revenge. We are looking forward to warmer weather and more adventures, but until then, it is time to make art.

In Truth an Integral Part, 1.16.19
I seem to be exploring questions of identity a lot in this journal project. In part i am sure that this is a reaction to some of the worst impulses we are seeing in the political/cutural currents of today. This is part of an ongoing conversation that Mungo and i conduct. He leans to angry hyperbole and rails, justifably so against current trends as i try to gently point to the pendulum.cyclical nature of culture. Of course when you are up to your ass in the swamp with alligators allround that is not what you want to hear.

Weighing Our Options, 1.19.19

The other part is i love play with surreal imagery, always have besides sometimes it is far easier to get a point across with a little humor.

Walking Through Time, 1.21.19

I almost never use commercial or fashion imagery in my work, preferring most likely because of my training as an artist and educator to use material that has, at least for me art/historical reference points. Walking Through Time and its companion piece really begged for that high fashion, slick photography; luckily we have a subscription to Vanity Fair, which provides more than i can possibly use, along with an occasional good article.

Do you remember as a child how time seemed as slow as the proverbial molasses in January, but now, half a life time later it feels as if you have achieved the physical impossibility of travel at light speed? Well, the child is still part of you.

Holding Tight to Concepts of Personal Identity,1.22.19

I usually only create one of these a day, but some images demand to be spread across two pages, such is the case with the last piece i am sharing with you today. I used part of this very precious image, the scale, in Weighing Our Options, the two figures with the over-sized brains come from the same image; an illustration for a mid 70s article out of Horizon, a now defunct arts and culture magazine. I lucked out early in my collage career and scored a complete set 1950s through the 80s at a library sale. It took me years to actually start using them. I couldn't bring myself to cut them up, they were such a treasure trove of information.

Do We Build Bridges or Barriers, 1.27.19

Well and i made the mistake of going online and checking out their value.... Enough for now, stay warm, be creative.

More later,

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