Sunday, January 6, 2019

LAW 159: A New Year, A New Project: The Wisconsin Poets' Calendar

Happy New Year to all, here is hoping that 2019 will be a year of great abundance and happiness for us all.

Well, because you always need a picture of your cat!

We all start our new year with good intentions, resolutions to become a better, more, (fill in the blank) person. How long does that last for most of us?

Me, well i started the year of right with a new art project, and did join a fitness club. We will see what happens. I have been resolute with the new art project. My dear friend Brian, amazing poet, gifted me last year with a copy of the Wisconsin Poets' calendar, which he not so coincidentally had a few poems published in. Great poems by the way.

In the order i made them, all images are 5.25 x 8.5", hand cut and torn collage. I am harvesting the text from a couple of children's books.

Camilla Was so Embarrassed

Anyway, the calendar is nicely sized; spiral bound weekly format, with good quality card stock. It runs close to two hundred pages. It seemed far to nice to simply toss in the trash, so my inner re-purposing maven came up with the idea of  using it for an art collage journal.

But She Was Still Afraid to Admit it

So far it has been an every day project; this likely won't last, as i will want to go back to the abstract work after taking a break. That is okay.

She Did Feel Different, but When She(l)/She Looked in the Mirror(r)
I really didn't have any concrete ideas regarding the direction this project would/will take, excepting that i knew i needed to work in a narrative, figurative fashion for awhile. Oh yea, i am absolutely going to use up all those precious little scraps i have been obsessively hoarding.....

I Was in for Another Surprise

So far the imagery appears to be taking on a portrait sort of element, we'll see where it goes from there.

She's Just too Much of a Distraction

That's it so far, one a day since January 1st, although i did the positive/negative spread on the same day.

More later,

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