Friday, August 14, 2015

LAW 44:On the making of art

Most of the work(art) that i do is incredibly time consuming. This is mainly because i eschew the use of the machine in the making. The evidence of the hand, the serene repetition of the needle and thread rising and falling, the piercing and securing of fabric to itself is in itself supremely satisfying. It is a form of meditation; at once a letting go of  consciousness and a way to secure reality.

This piece, 'The Eye of Horus', is destined to be part of the ceiling in our meditation/entertainment loft.  It measures,  26" x 16", i dyed and printed all of the fabric, it is completely hand stitched. For the bedroom loft i used all of my old tablecloths, i wanted to use something a little more personal for the meditation loft. so, i have used all of the hand embroidery pieces that i have been making over the last several years. Most of these were not purpose made, rather they were a way for me to keep my hands busy as Mungo and i traveled here and there across country.

detail of "eye"

I am currently working on a version of the Sun card from the Rider Waite tarot deck.  working of from the original card i simplified the image, as you can see from the working drawing. After i am satisfied with the drawing i prep the background fabric, sketch in the major parts on the fabric than create a fabric collage, by cutting and glueing, than stitching.

working drawing

sun before embroidery

Oh ya, there is another really good reason that i do this by hand. It is really hard to sit and talk in my outside studio while running a sewing machine.....

More later,

Thursday, August 13, 2015


There is a certain level of controversy regarding which species makes the better onboard pet, cats or dogs. As you can imagine the census is drawn largely along party lines; dog owners stoutly maintaining their supremacy, while those of us with feline companions are serenely aware of the righteousness of our position. I offer you two candidates for consideration, Haley and Magellan. You should be the judge.

Magellan, regal, lord of all he surveys, very much the personal assistant. Affectionate and loves to have his belly scratched. Does not come when called, although he will pay attention and follow us to the boat.

Haley, and my name means tongue, and boy am i happy to see you. I love everyone and will do my best to make sure all of you have been thoroughly washed and tidied. Although i as well do not always come when called, i will always acknowledge you.

More later,