Saturday, January 24, 2015


bringing water to the boat

So our third snow storm of the season coincided with Mungo's birthday; and no, he did not view it as a present. Still, it was pretty, as most new fallen snow often is. Besides, we were snug and warm inside with no need to go anywhere as we had provisioned earlier in the day; laying in a few good bottles of wine and all the ingredients for the Beef Bourguignon that Mungo had requested for his birthday dinner.
almost done!

I will go into more detail about making this dish as a one pot meal on the Onboard Cooking blog, believe me, no cookbook treats it that way.
Looks good!

It was however very yummy, as you can see, plus we had good chocolate for dessert. Who cares if there is snow on the ground when you have chocolate?

I think he liked it!

Stay warm.
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Monday, January 19, 2015


Mungo addressed winter and the myriad ramifications associated with the coldest season while living on the Floating Empire just the other day. i wanted to revisit it from the studio point of view. This week alone i have taught myself another bookbinding technique and made two pretty damn good examples of French Stitch binding. Now that i understand the basic concept i can play with it. I've been making handmade books for  years: bland books; suitable for journals, diaries, sketch books, wedding books or any other use you could come with and 'artist's' books; books of prose, poetry and imagery. the act of making an object, a lovely object which will be used and cherished is one of the finest, most rewarding things i feel that an artist can do. I have always come down on the side of the craft in the craft/art debate. I mean really, just because something is useful doesn't mean it's not art!
first french stitch book just completed

I also attempted to make a casebound book, with limited success. Well, in my defense i just did it, thinking that i knew how they were put together, i guess i should have looked at some directions.

what i did on Tuesday and Wednesday!

binding detail of second book
Winter is a lovely time of year to be on the river. Yes, it is cold. Yes, we are usually the only people here, so yes, it is a little on the lonely side, but oh, the richness of time spent in the studio. Spring will be here soon, all of our friends will be back and we will have to balance studio time with play time. Until then, stay warm and creative!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I awoke this morning to a winter wonderland of sorts. We had gotten about 3" of snow; the docks, the hard and the river were covered in a blanket of snow and slush that ranged from the purest white to a brilliant metallic silver. I admit my first thought was oh how beautiful; i should go out and take photos. My second thought was; snow equals cold and wet. Nasty. I burrowed back under the blankies. Alright; several hours later after a hearty breakfast of fruit and oatmeal Mungo has cleared the front deck and our solar panels i am finally ready ti bundle up, do my artistic duty and clear the stern deck as well. I am making split soup for supper, so the boat will be toasty warm and smell heavenly. We'll keep the snow where it belongs, outside and as images to enjoy.

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Whether it is an immutable function of boats in water: in particular living on one, or a factor of our retirement Mungo and i have discovered yet another time zone, Boating Standard Time. I believe that we may have discovered another (new) law of physics which has to do with the elasticity of time. It goes something like this…..’Hey, you guys want to come out with us? We’re not going out got very long; just an hour or so! Invariably this short boating trip involves a time frame that is never less than four hours, often stretching into six… Please don’t get me wrong, i enjoy being out on the water as much as any one, i however like the proverbial girl scout, err, boy… like to be prepared. BST appears to be a corollary to another time stretching phenomena that we discovered when we were living in Southern Illinois, know there as PST, or Pagan Standard Time. I’ll go into that some other time. Until next time please enjoy the photos that have come from some of these trips.

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