Tuesday, July 24, 2018


PROTEST, yes in all caps is the duty of every thinking citizen. We all approach conscientious protest in different ways. This is a good thing, as we all are very different people with different agendas and different talents.
The Watch#1, 7.7.18

Since i am a visual artist beside putting my voice and body on the line at public protests i can as well make critical statements through my work.

Watching #2, from behind every....7.10.18

My collages have taken a turn from the strict abstract imagery that i have been working with for the last several months. They have become embodied if you will with witnesses. I am under no delusion that anyone of importance in the political/governmental hierarchy will see, much less be effected by my work.

But i will reach you, and you will share the images that move you, right? It is all that any of else can hope for, that we influence the minds and hearts of our friends, neighbors(near or far) and followers.

Watcher #3, We heard what you said, 7.18.18

Watchers #4, Tell us more, 7.19.18

Watching#5, I can see clearly now, 7.21.18

A fire only needs one match.
Watcher #6, Transparent, 7.23.18

More later

I have a good friend who wrote me a beautiful, moving poem in response to the art card(seen below) that i made for him. I wish he would let me share it with you.

Clown's Choice, late june 2018

Thursday, July 19, 2018

LAW 153: Summer Bounty

We just got back from the local farm market that we patronize; we scored a bonanza of ripe red tomato. I love buying "seconds" tomatoes, they are the juiciest, most tomatoey tomatoes, not to mention available at a ridiculously small amount of money.

Can you believe $2?

In summer it is just to hot to eat anything about salads, and of course off the grill. Tonight we have some fresh ground bison, so it is burgers and sweet corn on the grill, along with grilled onions and some of the aforementioned tomatoes.

But the last several evenings it has been "zoodles" starring in a variety of salads.

Angel hair zoodles, blanched and drained.

We picked up a table top spiralizer at a Goodwill outlet for 50 cents. It takes up as much storage room as my large soup pot, but we think it is worth the space. It is easy to use, and really does make great veggie noodles. The down side, it's hard to clean, up side, much fresher, less expensive veggie noodles.
Ingredients, wine is not optional

What i make is usually predicated by what is in the pantry; although we do shop just about every day.
Mungo suggested a cold soba noodle sort of thing. We ended up with a marriage between southeast Asia and ......

yumm, fresh sweet corn, tomatoes and cucumber played of a lightly sauteed dressing base with fresh green garlic scapes, ginger, and a little onion. 
Zoodle Benne Salad

Toss in a generous splash of rice vinegar, lime juice, fish sauce, sesame seeds, i'm sure i probably put other things in the dressing, but hey i don't remember. Don't forget the shrimp, and of course loads and loads of fresh basil and cilantro.

I want you to know this beautiful wood bowl has been in my kitchen since i think 1975, when i purchased it from the Neighborhood Coop in Milwaukee. 

More later

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

LAW 152: Odds and Ends and More Collage

Summer is in full bloom, our favorite local farm stand is providing us with a cornucopia of fresh fruit and veggies, yum yum, fresh ripe tomatoes!

Grandma Turtle almost done!

Work on Tesla's Revenge continues, always slower than we would wish, but hey any progress is good. The sad news is once more we were screwed over by the weasel we bought our motor package from. The motor controller we bought turned out to be defective, as this person and business has vanished from the face of the earth we have had to find a new, functional controller. Still with the wonder of modern on line ordering, through Amazon this time, we will have said replacement in a few days. Another week before we are mobile, hopefully.

It got so hot (how hot?), well we hit 116F as a real feel right before the 4th. Temperatures in the triple digits really put a crimp into the collage making; i'm afraid of dissolving the paper with sweat! So i turned to my embroidery, which has always been a hot weather project. It is very pleasant to sit in the cockpit, or under the drinking trees and stitch. As a result i have finished, almost, Grandmother Turtle.
Tides Ebb, 6.24.18, 13.25 x 9.25"

I still need to stitch a frame around the image. My plans are for a "frame" which looks like a series of tree branches. Yes! more stitching.

I am still working with the Tselkov imagery, although the stash is running low.
Separation of Self, 5.27.18, 9 x 11.25

I have also branched out, working the Tselkov with other imagery and also started to use high end food photos for material.
Left of Center, 7.5.18, 7.5 x 10.5"

And although i am loath to bring politics into what is meant to be a blog about life and art i feel that i have no option but to use my art; to raise my voice in protest of the travesty that this country has become. So is born a new series of collage, collectively known as Watchers/Watching.

Watcher #1, 7.9.18, 6.5 x 10.5"

We all have a responsibility to make our voices heard, making art is one of the ways that i can speak.

Watching #2, 7.10.18, 6.25 x 10.5"

More later,