Friday, December 28, 2018

LAW 158: Merry Christmas and all that, only a little late

I thought i would share my Christmas card series. Last year i decided that the very few friends and family that were still getting holiday cards from me would each get an original. Since i must stress, there are very few of them, this is a very doable project. In prior years i had designed and printed a card, but somehow this felt like the right thing to do.

And He Needs Me to Light His Way, for my Dad

This year's cards have a common theme; imagery that i sourced from two delightful children's book i scored earlier in the year. One of them, actually a Christmas story itself featured a moon that fell out of the sky. This of course caused Santa all sorts of problems, as there was no moon light to guide him through his Christmas eve travels.

The Next Day When She Awoke, for my Mom

The moon from this book became the unifying element in each of the cards. This felt very apropos: we would experience a full moon for Yule, and after all, the solstice is the time when the balance of light and dark start to change. Thankfully towards the light.

Santa Had Noticed the Change in the Night, Aunt Rita's

The other story, which provided most of the delightful starry cosmos images was about a hedgehog that got to be an astronaut.

He Gave Pleasure, for Brian and Marrianne

The bits and pieces that made each card individual and meaningful to the recipient came from a wide variety of sources; mostly paintings.

At First it Was so Dark, for Maggie

Have a great rest of the holiday season and as always,

More later