ICAD 2016

Week one: i started off not really knowing where i was going with these, as a consequence i am all over the map with media. I also really had no idea if i was going to respond to the prompts or go off on my own. The prompts i know are there if you want to use them, or not. It does seem to be a way to take your creativity off into unknown directions, so, we'll see. I actually did six of the first seven on prompt, more or less.

Mix tape

Mix Tape was prompt #1. I chose to use a pre-smooshed card with stencil and ink drawing. Celebrating the life and death of two creative geniuses taken from us too soon. Pyramid, #2 ended up as a pun on the whole food pyramid thing. Don and i are always joking that pizza is one of the four major food groups. Colored pencil and ink.

Off prompt


Snoopy, prompt #3 is playing off the whole bathroom issue. Which i have to say has been driving right up the proverbial wall, i mean really people! Poor trans gendered Snooperia simply does not know which hydrant is the right one to use! Off prompt, #4 the prompt was typewriter; i could not get behind it. I dropped out of typing in high school, it simply made my head hurt. Besides, i knew i was going to be an artist. Aa combination of a pre-smooshed card with a dissected zen tangle. Cloud, #5 was a lovely merger of a long cherished photo of Yeats, a scary hurricane formation and the weirdest catechism lesson i have seen in a very long time. It just showed up on my desk top.

Top ten


Top ten, #6, a low motivation day. A pre prepped card playing off the idea of playing cards, hey, i did make art, right? Pinball, the end of week one, and another pre-smooshed card, and it's back to my rock and roll past. A lot of us did this one.  So a good start, and i will up date these every week.

More later,

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