Wednesday, December 20, 2017

LAW 140: Yes, I know

No, i haven't died, nothing life threatening or dire has happened to cause this long absence of mine. Its just, well, it is hard to remain positive and upbeat, to share the good things of life when it feels as if life is going to hell in a hand basket.

Sun on the Brinkman Trail

Enough, i'm sure dear reader that you understand that of which i speak.

Speaking of one of the newly banned words, Mungo and i spent some time yesterday afternoon at Marshy Point, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, hiking one of the three new trails.

Beautiful shadows
Gotta love those strangle vines

Praying Mantis egg case on the way to the Vernal pond

It was a gorgeous day, sunny, almost no wind and almost 60! December 19th people on the Upper Chesapeake!

Dundee creek framed with water oak

The air was fresh, birds and squirrels every where, and for the first time we saw deer.

Mungo thinks it was a circa 1950's ford
Going nowhere fast

Dundee creek from the walking bridge

All in all, a very lovely day on the trail. I hope you enjoy the photos, and experience a small amount of the joy and peace that yesterday brought to us.

More later,