Monday, April 4, 2016

LAW 88: This, that, and, oh ya, the wind!

Things have been cooking right along in the studio. As usual i have too many projects going at once. In my defense, i always finish what i start; sometimes it does take me a little longer than others. But you know, sometimes the solution isn't staring you in the face. Some times it doesn't pay to push the river.

Even though i have not done the finishing work on my Green Man piece i have started another 'large' embroidery piece. This time the focus is Ganesh. The mandala around him i am planning as a Morning Glory blossom.

Ganesh, laid out and ready to sew!

Unlike most of my embroidery fantasies this one is not constructed out of material that i have printed and or dyed. Rather it is constructed of 'vintage' silk that i have either carried around with for years, yes, years, or recent gifts from friends who had carried it around for, well, yes, years.

Magellan and i starting work on Ganesh!

I hope that Ganesh will take less time to finish then the Green Man.

The Extreme Makeover of the Floating Empire is progressing, albeit slowly. Money ya know! Plus, we had a slight change of plans forced on us last week when our now, not so trustworthy Butterfly stove kinda, well, ah blew up and caught fire. No damage, except now we don't trust it, even though i am pretty sure i know what happened. Needless to say we are not using it, which necessitated the premature search for and purchase of the wood stove we weren't planning to buy until October or so. Sigh! I did get one side of our new settee bench upholstered, and new curtains up in the galley, and drapes on the front door. The weather is turning warmer, there are  more people here, we lost a fair bit of privacy when we removed one of the king posts, so it is definitely time for curtains, etc.

Great use for upholstery samples!

Speaking of nice weather, our sailing dinghy, the Dharma Duck, went in the water last week. It has been way to windy, WAY, for us to take her out. Soon. After the winds of this past weekend we now have a little damage to repair any how.

Paddling the Dharma Duck to the Empire

Keep checking the Floating Empire blog to find out more practical things about this strange little adventure we are on, and theWild Shore Press site for updates on the book side of our lives.

Do you like his improvised sunshade?
One smart cat!

More later,