Monday, December 21, 2015

LAW 62: On the variable weight of cats

Those of you lucky enough to live with a feline friend are  already likely to be familiar with the phenomena of the variable weight of cats. This i believe is a proven fact of nature. The variable weight of cats appears to be most pronounced in the easy morning, when the cat wants you to get up and feed it's glorious self. It is also observable in the middle of the night when the cat determines it is time to play. Come on now, i'm the cat, i rule!

I'm practicing changing the local effects of gravity

I don't really understand how Cat Anti-gravity works. I'm sure that NASA would be interested. Perhaps some more scientific research is called for.
Oh yes, he surely is Beautiful and Abundant

Maybe Elon Musk would be interested?
Magellan is part of Mungo's weight lifting program

More later,

Oh ya, dinner last night was amazing! The cassoulet was totally worth the almost six hours of cooking time

Friday, December 18, 2015

LAW 61:On Fairies and Painting

Although i have identified myself for years as a sculptor; a fiber artist, i started my artistic career, as many of us did, as a painter. The coolest Christmas present i ever remember receiving as a child was a set of oil paints, brushes and canvases, i was, i think in 5th grade. I always wanted to be an artist when i grew up, and here i am, doing exactly that!

Mungo and i were talking about process as i was finishing up the Jasmine Fairy painting. He was curious if i found the process of painting satisfying. My immediate, and i think honest answer, as flip as it was, was that, yes, yes i did, but…… it wasn't nearly as obsessive-complusion tedious to completely fulfill my particular little addiction. It was over to fast. Hmm, need to think about this for bit more.

Anyway, the Jasmine Fairy will ultimately make an appearance on either a book cover or a fabric fantasy, that should do the trick. i will be doing a series of these paintings, as i think that they will be more accessible and affordable. I am currently working on a Willow Fairy.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

LAW 60: Some days it is worth getting up early

Has anyone ever calculated the pound per square inch pressure generated by cat paws? I am not sure what it is, but i am here to tell you that Magellan must generate a whopping tonnage! I could hire this cat out as a deep tissue masseuse, or maybe as a Rolfer!   So as a new part of our morning routine, morning, completely defined by his need to have more food, attention, more food, he has started parading up and down the entire length of which ever of my legs is on top. Oh, the agony, the ecstasy.
are you ready for your massage?

Needless to say, i got up. It was still semi-dark when i put the coffee water on and food in his bowl. I was rewarded 15 minutes later by the classic rosy fingers of dawn. Yea, some days it does pay to get  up early.
rosy fingers of dawn

Day five, December 15, still no need to turn on the heat.
i love where i live

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Monday, December 14, 2015

LAW 59: Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

December 14th, 2015. Today is the fourth day in a row that we have not had the heat turned on here on the Floating Empire, except briefly to remove the early morning chill. The windows have been open for four days as well. Hey, i love the unseasonably warm weather as much as the next person, but i really, really wonder what price we will pay for this.

Sunrise Dec 14th 2015 from the front deck

Did you know that there are streets in Key West that have been under water for three weeks now?

Yes, yes i do know that there has always been an ebb and flow to the weather, but, really, Climate Deniers of the world, get your heads out of the sand and face facts.
It is so very very still

I for one am very glad that i live on a boat.

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

LAW 58: Studio update

I thought before i went up top to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather i would do a quick studio update. I have been quite busy in the studio, however, nothing is close to completion. A week before Thanksgiving i started working on a new Fabric Fantasy. This one is a Green Man, and is proving to be a huge project. I have to say i am so far very please with my progress!
almost three weeks of work

I've also started a new painting project. I don't know how many of these i will actually do, but they are fun. I also plan on doing some embroidered  version of these as well, either as Fabric Fanatsys, or book covers. We see. The fairies are based on Ceicly Mary Barker's illustrations. Flowers and fairies are such a natural combination.
cartoon for Jasmine Fairy

Most of the under paint is done

I'm also working on a new book commission, which i think will be very interesting. More on this later

More later,

Thursday, December 10, 2015

LAW 57: Do you believe in climate change?

Hard to believe that it is December 10th, impossible in fact if you were just going by the weather indicators. While we often enjoy mild Decembers here in Maryland, at least near the bay, i don't remember anything close to the 58 degrees we are enjoying today. The weekend promises to be even nicer. People here at the marina are joking about putting their boats back in the water.
Really it is December 10th!

We are personally enjoying the mild mild winter weather we are experiencing, but that enjoyment is tinged by the knowledge of what this means for the planet as a whole. We are experiencing record high CO2 levels, and folks it is looking like there may be no going back. I for one have no desire to live on Venus(which is where we are going). Some people still have not gotten the message, Ted Cruz for one. I read an excerpt from an NPR interview with him this morning. He was claiming that climate change was pseudo-science promoted by Democrats who want to control every aspect of our lives. Really?
another beautiful sunrise in paradise

Well, enjoy the weather while it lasts, the surfing sure is bitching here in Kansas!

More later,

Thursday, December 3, 2015

LAW 56: Good morning sunshine

Finally there is sunshine. We have suffered through four days of complete overcast with almost constant rain. Not good for those of us who rely on solar power for our electric power.
Foggy Sunrise

We were on the Delaware side of the bay this weekend, visiting friends in 'Slower Lower', as they affectionately title the area of Delaware they reside in. And yes, life is more relaxed there, well except for the pace of eating and drinking!
Before the feast

Our ship's cat, Magellan the Bold was to say the least not at all happy at being left in charge. It couldn't be helped, as one of our friends is horribly allergic to cats, a fact i believe that he discovered many years ago, dining at my home. So, needless to say we have been paying. Paying attention to the cat. Yes, did i mention, placating the cat. Yes, of course, we have been playing with the cat. Luckily he is not a vindictive soul. He was just  lonely.
Magellan, my creative muse!

On another note, not at all so pleasant, as of this morning we have had 355 mass shootings in America this year. Really? Mungo told me this morning, but i've forgotten the exact number already, that an obscene number of fire arms permits were taken out on Black Friday. Yes, obviously we can kill our way to a more perfect society!

Why can't we all get along?

More later,