Thursday, September 25, 2014



Rainy days. Slow days. Rainy days are always like snowy days, the sort of day that seems to last forever and is expressly designed to stay curled up in bed or in front of a fire. I’ve always wondered why that is: other than our inherent dislike of being wet and cold. Today is one of those days. It has been raining steadily since about 11 o’clock last night. I got up early this morning after losing the battle of bed vs bladder yet again. I made coffee, crawled back into bed and waited for the world around me to transform with the coming of the light. Except it’s raining and the clouds are low and although dawn comes, it comes with a peculiar yellow green light: the sort of light if  you are living in the Midwest sends you scurrying to the basement. So; in bed, coffee in one hand, a good 18th century historical novel in the other, i came across a description that resonated. It was a passage about sleep when the nights are longer than the days, about how our sleep patterns change when it is dark  longer than we normally sleep . It came to me that this morning seemed to last forever. Rainy days are slow days after all. The only clocks we have here on the Floating Empire are embedded in our cell phones and computer. I don’t look at the clock on the wall; it’s been years since i wore a watch. My awareness of time was distorted because the normal markers of sun position and light were missing. Oh well, whats the rush? It’s raining today.

More later,

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Thinking About Art


Yesterday was our second grey, windy day in row. The temperature had cooled to a reasonable high in the mid 70’s, the humidity however, yep, stayed way up there; well you can’t have everything. Altogether a lovely transitional day between summer and autumn. The type of day seemingly designed for thoughtful introspection. After finally finishing my latest collage of the Divided Mind series, #5, “The Education of Piaget”,
i proceeded to do just that. I gathered together the work i have done this summer, tacked it up on all available wall surfaces in my studio (and beyond) with the intent of looking at what i ‘ve done since we moved on to the Floating Empire. I find a periodic art reality check is a good idea. Sometimes you see things you wouldn’t with out looking at everything altogether. Which is of course the whole idea behind portfolio reviews.

Well, so beyond a lot of detail work we’ve done on the boat and decorating the exterior wall of the front deck; a project i have yet to complete, not to mention lots of embroidery, i have continued to make collages, six of them to be exact, started a new drawing series (something i never had time for when i was gainfully employed), and i am playing around with the concept of creating functional sculpture, rather a la Deek of Yup, i can sure tell that i will be so bored now that i am retired. Right!

More later

PS. So this what the studio looks like after about six weeks of making art.