Sunday, October 15, 2017

LAW 139: Food for Thought

Okay, we have been thoroughly enjoying the bounty of the garden and the sea this summer. And i have with the best of intentions documenting these mouthwatering meals with photography.

Sadly i haven't been motivated to take that next, logical step, and write a post. I find that without the imposition of regularly scheduled work hours i have a bounty of pastimes to happily fill my day.

Witness a coconut flour roux in process, destined to be the base of a gumbo.

But just a few little morsels with which to tease your appetite and curiosity. A stunning chicken and sausage gumbo, featuring fresh from the farmer kale, peppers and tomatoes; sadly, no okra, but hey, use what you've got is always my motto in the kitchen.

I adore eggplant and gorge on it through the hot summer months. It is one of those vegetables that i can not seem to bring myself to buy "out of season". Tomatoes are never fresh and ripe during the winter months; i do not like eating pink cardboard!

Eggplant, once more fresh from our local friendly farmers at Zahradka's, stuffed with organic free range ground beef, walnuts, garlic, mushrooms and of course diced eggplant, onion. All sauteed, spiced with a middle eastern palette, cumin, fennel, lots of thyme and paprika. Simmered until tender with a fresh tomato sauce.

Fresh zucchini noodles in a fresh basil pesto. Oh my, how good is this?

Fresh white and yellow perch caught by slipmates transformed into a variant of a traditional Wisconsin tavern fish fry.

The cabbage salad is definitely not traditional, at least not in northern Wisconsin, as it is a very pungent, and yummy, Syrian style salad, dry mint, lots of fresh garlic, lemon juice and olive oil.

I made the batter, once more, with coconut flour, we made onion rings to use up the last of the batter, couldn't let it go to waste now, could we?

A rosemary oat focaccia, made from the oats strained from our latest beer making experiment, once more, waste not, want not. It was already nice and yeasty from soaking in the mash overnight, had a delicious, molasses cookies aroma ready for the oven.

BTW, it was pretty yummy; i only used a part of the dough i mixed up. I plan on adding a little more flour to the next batch, and bake it at a slightly lower temperature.

We've made two batches of cider so far this fall. One straight apple, one apple strawberry. The next cider will be pumpkin apple. We are really enjoying the home brewing experience. We can't make very big batches; after all we live on a boat!

We've also started making beer, specifically we are experimenting with 18th and 19th receipts for small or green beers. The first, a ginger beer is an absolute knock out! We didn't write anything down, so.......

The romanesco cauliflower is destined to be roasted for supper tonight.

Well, more later
i promise to start keeping records of the brewing experiments to share