Wednesday, May 30, 2018

LAW 149: The Merry Month of May.....

I  have obviously been trapped in a time rift somewhere, yea, that's right, the Time Bandits took me away to let the aliens experiment on me. That's my story and i am sticking to it.

So, the aliens were kind enough to transport my entire collage studio for me, so even in my captivity i have been quite productive. Since i was just now granted internet access(evidently the intergalactic rates are prohibitive) i thought i would take a moment of two to up date you.

Beyond Our Horizon, 3.21.18, hand cut and torn collage on cardboard, 7 x 13.75"

My original intention; that yesterday's collage, Beyond Our Horizon and this one were to be companion pieces, a diptych of sorts. That idea got thrown out the window when i decided that Beyond.. worked much better in the the horizontal.

Gravitas, 3.22.18, 7 x 13.75"

I think we will dispense with the "hand cut and torn collage on (whatever) for the sake of brevity. I don't know when my alien overlords will cut me off.

Fallen to Earth, 3.28.18, 9 x 9"

Am i the only one in this experiment who lies awake at night dreaming up new ways to approach my art making? Probably not. I have been consciously trying to change up my approach to collage; techniques ranging from limiting my "palette", to creating a complete background prior to considering other compositional elements. All of this in service of achieving a greater fluidity in the work.

If the truth be told, i think that the Time Bandits were responsible for the limited palette idea, likely since they took all my color away last night.

Today my alien masters wanted yet another experiment, will they never simply leave me alone to pursue my art making in peace? No, they simply, always have more questions, more tricks they want me to try, and they want me to write about it as well! See below....

THE LONELY CITY,  3.30.18,  9 x 9"

I sometimes find it difficult to give myself permission to use torn and cut edges in the same composition; i really prefer the look of torn paper. Sometimes nothing but a clean, crisp, cut line will do. Unless i am tearing simple, straight edges it is not faster, nor more convenient to tear an edge. if i am looking for a curve, or a simple form i score, then pinch and or fold along the score line to guarantee the line i want.

Okay, i think i have to post one more image, some of my fellow detainees say that we will be granted access again tomorrow, i'll do my best.

Blind Prophet, 3.31.18, 9 x 9"

Later, hopefully not much....