Monday, August 20, 2018

LAW 155: Summer Bounty, have i said...

Well, not really summer bounty, but feline bounty! I think that perhaps Magellan was allowed to watch too many Roman costume epics as a kitten. Nuff said.

Yes Really!

This is relatively new behavior for him, but if you note the wet spot on the step down, that, that is not new behavior. He has always dragged his water bowl around, spilling water willy nilly, then, and only then will he drink.

Last additions

But really, summer bounty here is crazy, the weather is crazy, perhaps the whole world is crazy. The weather, too hot, too wet, too cloudy has made for a shorter then usual season for the local farmer. Our favorite local farm stand, Zahradka's has already cut back to week-end hours only.

I'm Ready!

We are still wallowing in tomatoes, corn and cucumbers. Oh and eggplant, eggplant has been awesome this summer. Nothing like a grilled eggplant and mozzarella sandwich with fresh garden ripe tomatoes and basil, oh yea! They were so good that we forgot to take pictures!

Love these bowls Darby made us!

Not so the delicious Maryland Crab soup/gumbo. And it was yummy, all locally sourced ingredients. I was enjoying a good, also local IPA. we served the gumbo with the last of our home brewed cider.

Need I say more?

Not bad for a 29 foot converted sailboat with one burner.

More later