Sunday, January 13, 2019

LAW 160: Snow 'Pocalypse, Sorta,

Well if the lines and crowds in the local grocery stores, the insanity in the parking lots were reliable indicators, it wasn't just going to snow, the end of the world was nigh!

No filter, just snow snow snow, from the cockpit

It started snowing around dinner time last night. Fluffy, heavy, wet flakes are still floating down. The weather gurus are currently predicating as much as 8". I'm not sure how my marina mates who have to go to work tomorrow are going to fare. No one has stirred on our dock and i am pretty sure that the driveway and parking lot remain unplowed.

Nope, i don't think they'll be using their kayak today.

 We made sure that we had plenty of water, and of course food and wine before the storm started. I did go out into the cockpit to take pretty pictures. No way i'm getting off the boat.

Magellan is incredibly bored which means he needs lots of play and cuddle time. Uggh, he is such a big lap cat!
There Are Other Solutions, I am Sure, 1.6.19
Still in all, another good day to stay inside and make art, which i did, Mungo is still pounding away on his keyboard. He is sooooooo close to finishing the first draft of his new novel. I'll be proofreading soon.
When You Hold, 1.7.19

I've a few more images to share from the Wisconsin Poets' calendar project. I'm pretty pleased. Its been awhile since i've worked in a narrative/figurative style. i'm having fun playing with surreal imagery.

What in the World Has Happened, 1.8.19
I couldn't resist using the cut-out negative space silhouette from yesterday's piece. I had cut it out very carefully, i guess i was planning on this, but... the question then was, what to fill her with?

An odd, surreal mix of imagery, but i like it.

I'll Never Forget this Night, 1.10.19

There is always a danger when you are working with images that are iconic. Christina's World, by Wyeth is, or should be immediately recognizable by anyone who has ever opened an art history book. But the re-purposing of imagery is afterall at the center of collage making. Contex is everything.

Then I Opened the Door, 1.12.19

As before, all images are 5.25 x 8.5", on card stock. All the text is currently coming from a couple of children's books.

What She Reallt Wanted Was A, 1.13.19

Gotta go and tend the smoked turkey and veggie soup i making for dinner. Stay tuned for more cool art.


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