Friday, November 16, 2018

LAW: This That and the Other Thing, # ??????

I appear to be a very bad blogger. What can i say, life has a way of getting in the way. We spent a lot of time this fall trying, repeatedly to get the paddle wheel on Tesla's Revenge functional; we are sooooooo close. Sadly we proved once more that you do indeed get what you pay for, viso, cheap, Chinese crap. Which is how almost all Chinese imports, particularly building materials and electronics are (not so fondly) referred to in our house.

A girl has gotta spend time with her cat!

The culprit this time, our replacement for the replacement of the motor controller. It did work, the wheel did turn, for about 15 seconds, before the fusible link in the controller went fissst, up in smoke. Ya think that maybe the specs aren't accurate?
Yes, red is the traditional color for a paddle wheel.

All of this along with normal winterizing of the boat. It seems as if winter is coming a little early this year. We had to make some fairly significant repairs to our flexa-glass enclosure of the cockpit. We will probably get another full year out of this version; but we are surprised and a little disappointed in the performance. Most significantly the flexa-glass shrank enough over the summer, i guess due to the heat that we had to reposition all the snaps. In some places it shrank enough that we are going to have gaps this winter.

Oh yes, you better believe i voted; thought about following the old Chicago axiom, vote early, vote often..... I did however, express my post election anxiety by creating this collage.

9 out of 10 poll watchers agree....

And, yes there is more, we are finally moving our stuff out of storage from the marina basement, to a more permanent, and hopefully drier unit. I hate going through and moving things, terrible fire anyone?

Still and all, i have been making art, and really really yummy food.

Grilled Eggplant Parmagiana
We grilled the last of our local eggplant, served with a homemade ricotta cheese. If you haven't made your own ricotta and butter you should really try it!

On the art news front, my collage, Eternal Logic of a  Butterfly's Wing has been included in the Collage Artists of America FB 2019 calendar. I let you know where it will be available.

A selection of my collages will be showcased in a group show at the Lirodendron Gallery in Belair, Md July 28-Aug 18, 2019. More on this later.

Yesterday we were completely boat bound. The first Nor'easter of the season dumped far more snow and ice on us then predicated, so it was a great day to devote to art making. I realized as i was working on this piece that my recent collages were all dealing with liminal space, with the line that divides. I try to push the narrative/figurative elements of these pieces as far into the background as possible. The parts of paintings that i use for this work are almost exclusively backgrounds, and with figurative work, the edge, the outline of the form.

More later. Hopefully not much later

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