Sunday, October 21, 2018

LAW 156: New Collages

Summer has come and gone seemingly with out notice, fall seems to be right behind it. Today is a cool, blustery day, alternating brilliant blue skies with heavy cloud cover. I wonder what winter will bring?

The trials and tribulations of Tesla's Revenge are on going. We are ready to install the paddle wheel, sadly the weather is not cooperating with us. During the last month or so i couldn't find the time or energy for a variety of reasons to create any new collages. I am however back on track and thought i would share the last two with you.

Regarding the Clarity of Light

I continue to explore the design possibilities inherent in pre-selecting and limiting the choices available to me during the composition process. I am pleased with the results. The two pieces i am sharing with you were created entirely with the "backgrounds" of other paintings; i say other paintings as i think of these collages as paintings. 

My sources for these works are the Time Life World of (artists). A series of books that my mother subscribed me to, a birthday present from the early 70's. Yes, i have carried these books with me across country more than once!


The imagery for Regarding is derived from Vermeer's walls, i loved the quality of light and intention to detail, that of Searchers from back grounds of sculpture, mainly Rodin's.

The subtle color and texture in these large, flat, mainly subordinate parts of the painting are to me, extremely evocative. I hope you find the work that i am creating interesting and continue to follow me as it develops and changes.

Both pieces are 9 x 12" on book board. I have no intention of matting and/or framing work from this series. The collage is wrapped around the edges and carried completely over the back.

More later,


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