Wednesday, May 27, 2015


One of the true signs of summer is the appearance of white in the wardrobe, white slacks, white shorts, white shoes. The fashion mavens of times past would shriek with indignation if you dared to wear white before Memorial Day, or after Labor Day. I willingly admit that white makes a tan pop, look more vital, healthy, etc; completely disregarding the scary health issues associated with too much sun, but i digress. Since i am both a dedicated, and messy cook as well as an artist(another messy endeavor) i can safely say that i have no white in my wardrobe, nope none.

what do you think? is the pink parasol me?

On another note of white, this one aromatic. Mungo and i walked to the grocery store this morning; as is our want, we try to get a walk in every day and it is far more likely to happen in an organic fashion, i.e, a trip to the store, as opposed to a walk for exercise sake. Oh ya, side tracked again. Even though we live in the exburbs of Baltimore we are surrounded by an amazing bounty of natural beauty. Today i was struck by the sheer drunken euphoria induced by all the white flowers lining the roadway; we have several stretches of undeveloped land in our area, abounding with briar roses, honeysuckle, tulip poplars and a couple of other white blooming shrubs i have yet to identify, all of them releasing their intoxicating aroma into the hot, humid summer air. Who needs wine? Oh, drunk on aroma, yes indeed, i am the "proud" owner of yet another new bruise on my leg as i was so intoxicated by this particular smell of summer that i never saw the fire hydrant that ran into me. Really officer.
this is more my style

More later

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